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How to perform an excellent essay in English?

First of all, you should research your topic and take some notes. There should be some convincing arguments to prove your point. Then you should brainstorm all the topics possible. Your next step will be the thesis statement arrangement, to present the main argument you will further expand on. Then you make an outline. Mind to sound logical and consistent. Great college essays gives the advice how to write your text focusing on the ideas. After writing, you should do the revision of your text. You can ask your friend to read your essay and check it for mistakes.

Writing an essay. English-speaking writers give some tips

Research the topic

You can conduct research in several ways. You can go to the library, search some academic databases. It is acceptable to use all the three ways. Don’t be shy to ask the librarian for help or browse the Internet looking for useful tips on writing a good essay, English only. Before starting, you should know what sources your teacher recommends. You may be asked to use some sources. Also, don’t forget to ask your tutor about Wikipedia usage. Don’t forget to mention all the sources you are asked to use in your paper. Choose citation format that corresponds to the type of your paper, your topic, and subject. Don’t ignore the facts that support opposing viewpoint. Analyze them and show that you can prove they are wrong.

Brainstorm your ideas

It ‘s okay to use some other’s arguments to prove your point of view. But, you should also provide your ideas. It will make your essay unique. So, start with the list of ideas and choose topic-relevant ones. Take your time to analyze them carefully. You should be prepared to expand on the ideas you have chosen.

Title and introduction

These two things are crucial. Title and introductory part should make your reader interested in your essay. For this avoid using standard phrases and opening words. You can use some popular and helpful inverted pyramid method. So, start describing your problem widely and then narrow it down.

The body of your essay

You should be careful with the text length. Stick to the word count required by your tutor. If you aren’t limited by the text volume, write as much as it is needed to cover the topic in full. If words won’t come easy, try some writing techniques. You may also get inspired by quality content or change the activity.

Once you have written your text, take some time, get a break and then edit it. Use digital error checking tools as well as plagiarism detecting software to make sure your content is free of mistakes and plagiarism.